About the Creator


 Hi friends! My name is Marco Solis and I’m the creator of Clay Lab Designs!

I’ve always liked doing crafty and over the top projects. About a year ago, I became really fascinated by the many creative earring designs you can make using polymer clay.

After some research, I visited my local craft store and purchased the necessary supplies to make these earrings. It took a VERY LONG time to craft my skills and I’ve finally perfected the process. Now I’m able to make these perfectly imperfect little creations and share them with you all. 

With the support of my partner, friends, and family, I’ve gained the confidence to make my creations available for purchase. All of the earrings are one-of-a kind pieces that are handcrafted by me. I’ve enjoyed making each pair and I’m incredibly excited to debut my business.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you find a pair of earrings that fit your style. 

“Good thing jewelry works for every season.”

There’s something for everyone!